Changing the Rein

Still one of my favourite ways to throw a client;
“Change the rein.”

The Rubber Curry Comb

It sounds simple doesn`t it, changing the rein, but I like to keep my clients on their toes.

Sometimes in a private lesson I will say to the client as they are trotting around “After your circle go large and change the rein.”

Then I watch. Some clients will trot around the arena waiting for me to give them a letter. Some ask “Where?” and others provide a couple of letters. If I see confusion growing on my young client`s face I tell them they can choose whichever change of rein they want to do.

It usually takes a couple of lessons for my clients to get confident enough to change the rein in a way other than the long diagonal and to take the initiative to pick a fast-approaching change of rein – it is incredible how many trot past the letter C and then decide to change the…

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