That Monday Morning Feeling?

Do you have that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening, when you realise the weekend is over? Do you count down the days of the week until Friday night?

I`ve realised over the last couple of weeks I`ve come to realise just how lucky I am. On a Sunday I positively look forwards to Monday morning when I get back into the routine of getting up early and working on the yard. Seeing the horses, friends, and then teaching after school. Mondays usually ease me into the week gently with only a couple of lessons. Then on Tuesdays I have my brain tested with an advanced dressage lesson – lots of lateral work and complicated questions about aids, scales of training, degrees of shoulder in etc etc. Then after school I have some more lessons. I sometimes have a couple of horses to ride and if not I have an elongated lunch break to make up for teaching into the evening. The rest of my week continues in much of the same way.

For me, each day is different and brings new challenges and contemplations. Even if I have had a “bad day” it is by no means a negative experience. My feelings are usually based on the fact a lesson hasn`t gone as well as expected, or that my day has been long or busy, or that I`ve been rained on and am cold and wet. Of course, I look forwards to the weekend, but that`s only because I`m tired and need a rest, or want to spend time with family and friends.


Take today, for example. After the yard duties were done I taught an interesting lesson with cavaletti. Then I schooled Llani, who is really showing huge improvement in his leg yielding and lateral work. So on this high, I went to school another horse where I used lots of poles to improve his canter and practised some new exercises so that I can use them in my lessons, and then I hacked another horse. He`s an older boy, but with plenty of life in him still. 

We went for a long canter along the gallops – I always let him pick the pace as sometimes his energy levels are a bit lower. Today, however, he cantered merrily along with his ears pricked. The wind sent tears running down my face and I whooped with glee and the horse accelerated, his hind legs pushing him forwards along the gallops. He was thoroughly enjoying himself!


As we galloped I couldn`t help but laugh as the wind whistled around me, flapping the horse`s mane up and down. When I brought him back to walk, he jogged towards the next path, so I let him have another canter – much to his delight!

So after a day like today, with lots in store for tomorrow, I think I would be mad not to enjoy my job. But I count my lucky stars that I look forwards to going to work every day.



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