Happy New Year!

Seeing as 2015 has finally arrived I thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on last year`s resolutions and how or even if I`ve achieved them.

Firstly, it`s a shame to begin with the negative but I don`t think I managed to get myself particularly fit or wean myself off junk food! However, now I shop for my own fridge I have a bit more control over what I buy so I promise to make a concerted effort to eat fruit at lunch time and to cook a portion of vegetables for dinner. For Christmas this year I was given a Pilates for Equestrians DVD which I am going to watch/do the DVD at least three evenings a week.

In 2014 Otis and I entered a couple of Elementary dressage tests, of which we got fair scores, but I feel that we are more established at that level and I would like to use the double bridle more frequently in my training and continue to compete at the higher level. We have also completed a couple of BE100s, and at the end of the season I felt much more comfortable with the increased difficulty cross country. In 2015 I want to build on last years success with Otis.

My career took an unexpected twist in 2014, which I didn`t foresee when I made my career orientated goals last January. Fortunately, my aim to expand my knowledge is still relevant now I am primarily teaching private clients as a freelance instructor. Hopefully, my new client base will help my networking which will help expand my knowledge.

My blog is still one of the top things on my daily list of jobs, and hopefully I`m providing a range of blog subjects and discussions. In terms of being head hunted … I think I`ll have to work a bit harder at my self promotion!

The Rubber Curry Comb

Yes, I know I’m a little late, but there’s still 364 days left of 2014, so in the grand scheme of things I actually on time. Anyway, happy new year readers!

So what is everyone’s New Years resolution? Devote more time to riding, work on that core, or to stop buying rugs unnecessarily?
I’ve made a long list of things I’m going to be a bit more aware of and what I will try not to be doing, be in on a personal level or a professional level.

Firstly, it’s me I’ve put under scrutiny. I will be working on improving my posture and core, starting with a strict sit-up routine. Both the “sit up and don’t slouch!” Drummed in to every child at a young age, and the stomach muscle exercises. My car journeys will now involve me bringing my chest up and out, and shoulder blades together. I’m…

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