Ingenious Poo-Picking

It`s a job we all have to do, and often can be very time consuming. Especially in the wet and cold. Yep, I`m talking about poo-picking.

At the moment I have a good routine where I let Otis through the gate into the corral of their field, leaving Llani in the main area, and then feed both before commencing on my morning poo-pick. It doesn`t take long, and is quite a good way of getting going in the morning. I don`t need to talk to anybody but the physical activity soon wakes me up. Very quickly you get to know the quantity and consistency that is normal for your horse, which allows you to notice any small changes and then monitor your horse`s digestive system.

Anyway. Two horses is a sufficient number to poo-pick for on a daily basis, as it is not too arduous or time-consuming. If I had to care for more horses in their field on a daily basis then I think I would have to modify my equipment. Or invest in an automatic field vacuum!

I saw a friend in her field a few weeks ago with her four horses and noticed an ingenious tool in her hand. Crafted onto the end of her poo pick handle was the top half of a crutch! The bucket had a longer than normal handle so the whole experience could be done standing upright, and not bent double with both hands hacking away at a particularly squashy poo. Having the crutch on your arm means that the effort doesn`t come from the wrist so much as the whole arm, thus reducing the effects of repetitive strain on your wrist.

I was quite impressed with this contraption, but it does take a bit of getting used to as you need to change your technique slightly, but I can see why it would appeal to those who have more horses to care for. I`d be interested if there were any other adaptations that people use to make their lives easier around the horses – who has the wackiest invention?!


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