Mud Monster

I ride this horse once a week and he’s a bit sensitive when you groom him, particularly in the barrel. It took me a few sessions to get to know him and his idiosyncrasies, but the best method is a cactus cloth and the softest body brush on the planet. Ignore him peering round to look at you because he isn’t going to nip you, he just looks like it.

A fortnight ago I commented to another livery, “I don’t know how he stays so clean when you can’t use a dandy brush”.

This livery then informed me that my ride rarely rolled, unlike her mud monster. So I bathed in luxury that whilst everyone else was scrubbing away I could lightly flick off this horse and crack on with riding.

That is, until this week.

I was horrified! Great clumps of mud clung to his neck, mane and forelock. Out came my cactus cloth and I rubbed his body in large circles, loosening the mud. That cactus cloth had never worked so hard in it’s life! I had to resort to picking out smaller clumps around his ears.

Eventually he was presentable and I could enjoy the ride, but it did make me glad that Otis is not adverse to the plastic curry comb on his quarters after he’s had a spa in the muddy field!

I was impressed with the effectiveness of the cactus cloth though so may look into getting one to help de-mud his ears and around his eyes.



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