Fly Bother

Today I took some friends to meet Apollo and the rest of his field gang. I had his new super-doper fly mask with nose net to protect his big pink nose.

After greeting the gang, and becoming surrounded I put the mask on. The flies were bad as we`d just had a storm so it was very humid. I showed Llani the spare mask, but he declined the offer by shying away from the sound of Velcro.

Anyway, we`re chatting away, quite happy surrounded by three cuddly horses when suddenly Apollo shakes his head violently. After a couple of head tosses I hazard a guess that there`s a fly inside his mask, so I approach him to help.

However, he turns and walks purposefully towards his little field mate, Paolo, who is a fine 12hh pony, and headbutts him. Paolo staggers sideways, as we crease up in laughter, and Apollo gives him a few more heavy nudges, still trying to get rid of the fly.

Fed up, Paolo turns tail to Apollo and kicks up with his hindlegs. About six inches. It`s okay, Apollo was out of range of Paolo`s little rebellion, and Paolo soon hid behind Llani.


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