Fallen Pride

It’s been three and a half years but I’ve done it again.

I fell off yesterday. I was jumping a green horse round a Novice track…

I wish.

I was trotting.

Well you see, it wasn’t really my fault. The blame lies entirely with Apollo.

We were trotting round in a big group, and he got so overly excited about being with other horses, rushing and tense, that he slid and we fell over.

Typical. In front of people. Apart from a dent in my pride we were both unharmed.

This made me think about previous falls. My last one was just as embarrassing; it was an inter-uni competition at work and I was warming up and demonstrating one if the horses; we were warming up with all the competitors watching and suddenly the mare I was riding reared up and spun round, leaving me sat in the sand, much to my humiliation.

My first ever fall was from a pony I had on trial. I think she spooked and bolted, with me clinging on round her neck until I fell off heavily at a corner. I was hauled up and after ten minutes plonked on another pony.
That night my Mum found me on the landing sleepwalking.


3 thoughts on “Fallen Pride

  1. Becky June 23, 2014 / 10:20 pm

    Glad you’re ok! My most recent fall was also silly…and perhaps not even a fall: my boss and I were riding the two horses who hadn’t been to camp before last year. She mounted up and started riding. I stepped on the block, put my foot in the stirrup and the horse moved, throwing me over his back to land flat on mine. It was only my second time riding in front of my new boss, I was very embarrassed! Been thinking a lot about falling recently, got a post on it coming in a few weeks.

  2. firnhyde June 24, 2014 / 6:45 am

    I eventually quit counting my falls because it was getting depressing. The one fall I had at a competition was actually one of the coolest ones, though. It was at a mounted games day and the warmup area adjoined the competition ring; I was in a corner of the warmup, sitting at a halt on my horse and ready to go next, when the previous competitor came over the time-line at about the speed of sound and realised he had no brakes. In an attempt to stop, he turned his horse’s head; the horse kept on going with its head twisted around to its belly and slammed shoulder-first into my horse. Three seconds of dust and tumbling later, my horse, the other rider and I were all in a heap on the floor with the other horse heading for the horizon.
    The cool part was when I got back on and everybody applauded. Nobody seemed to clap for the other guy when he remounted, though…

  3. smnthklly June 25, 2014 / 10:03 pm

    Oh Pol! Silly thing. Was that on Sunday? At least you were both okay. Most of the fear of falling off is embarrassment I think. That’s why I get more nervous riding in front of new/more people! Also the first horse I fell off of… was also the second horse I fell off of! Ali… you know the one that V owns now haha. The first time I fell off was on a hack too cantering in a field when she took off and lurched to the side. Booo!

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