Word of The Day

Bar – Of the Mouth – the gum between the incisors and tushes (none in mares) or molars.
Name describing any straight mouth snaffle.
Of the Foot – running parallel with the frog and forming part of the weight-bearing surface.
Bar Shoe – made as an ordinary flat shoe with the ends bent inwards and welded together to form a bar. This design protects the heels from pressure transferring some pressure to the frog.
Bar Shoe, Three-quarter – suitable for a bad corn.
Of the Stirrup – the metal attachments to the saddle tree to which the stirrup leathers are fastened. They have a spring release at one end.
Of the Bit – the part passing through the horse’s mouth.
Of Harness – to which the leaders’ traces are attached; the main bar is hung on the pole hook and two swing bars hang from the main one. The pole hook is called the ‘swan-neck’ and is also known as Swingletrees and Whiffletrees.
Western – the part of the tree that rests along the sides of the horse’s spine is called the “bars”. The size, shape, and angle of the bars are what determine the fit. The three basic types of tree:
Quarterhorse widest and longest bars, accommodating most “stock type”,
Semi-Quarterhorse narrower bars, conforming to Thoroughbred type
Arabian tree shorter bars, fitting shorter backed Arabian type horses.


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