Saddle Racks

How cool is this saddle peg?


It has been at my first riding stables as long as I can remember, and when a school friend moved away I nabbed it quick for my pony’s tack. It’s shoulder height, and has lots of space around so the tack doesn’t get damaged.

Today, when I went back to the yard with my Mum I noticed she’d moved onto the rack adjacent to it.
“Why have you moved pegs?” I asked, quite indignant that she would change where her pony’s tack lives. After all, the head collar peg in the feed room has been in the same spot for seven years …
“Oh someone said that as I was a senior member of the yard I should have a proper peg.” She said, dismissing me for being reluctant to change.
“Why move next door? This peg is the perfect height, you haven’t got another saddle right underneath and you haven’t got reins dangling in your way. This new peg is jammed close to Fred’s. You’ll damage the saddle flaps. Besides, those saddle shaped racks damage the underneath of the saddle by putting grooves in. A pole just rests in the gullet.”
Mum reluctantly agreed and said she was having difficulty putting her tack back with it being so close to others.
“Anyway, your wooden peg is unique.” I tried to back myself up a bit.
“Yes, do you know where it came from?” She asked. I shook my head. I had always assumed my friends dad had made it.
Apparently, the yard owner’s father had made it and it was her first saddle peg as a child.

So you see, my tack rests on part of history. That wooden peg must be almost forty years old!
Mum and I moved the tack back to my original peg after that.


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